Major bank backs national ID scheme to quell cybercrime

Mentis said NAB was working with the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Cyber Security Centre, and the Australian Security Council Commission to combat identity theft. But she questioned why Australians had to give up so much personal information every time they applied for services.

“We are storing it for so long, and we’re doing it because the law expects us,” Mentis said. “The effects of what happens to victims when they have their identity stolen, when they have money taken, it’s just awful.”

Mentis said that 86 400, which NAB bought last year, and Ubank both required less information from customers than NAB.

She also said that fighting cybercrime was made more difficult by a continuing shortage of skilled graduates, noting that NAB was short 500 people across the bank, The Australian reported.

Mentis said governments needed to support more training in digital and data skills. She also called on governments to open up skilled migration and improve visa processing to address existing backlogs.

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