Accenture Experts on 2023 as the “Year of Cloud Value”

I spoke with two experts from Accenture about upcoming cloud trends, and how companies can optimize their cloud strategy in 2023. The conversation reflected a new report from Accenture, The Race to Cloud.

The experts: 

Karthik Narain, Lead, Accenture Cloud First

Ashley Skyrme, Sr. Managing Director, Accenture

Among the topics we discussed: 

  • Accenture has named 2023 the “Year of Cloud Value.” What does this mean for enterprise managers who want to keep pace with cloud’s potential?
  • What do you see as the key barriers facing companies as they work on capitalizing cloud value?
  • What’s your best advice to companies as they seek to maximize their cloud deployment?
  • Your predictions for the future of enterprise cloud and AI? Clearly these technologies have a powerful symbiotic value that will revolutionize enterprise tech.

Listen to the podcast:

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