Ahmedabad Court Denies Bail To TMC Leader Saket Gokhale In Crowdfunding ‘Misuse’ Case

A sessions court in Ahmedabad has denied bail to Trinamool Congress spokesman Saket Gokhale in a case involving the alleged abuse of money raised through crowdfunding, news agency PTI reported.

In the ruling issued on Thursday, Additional Sessions Judge A B Bhojak stated that there was a “strong case” against Gokhale and that as a political activist, he may “hamper and tamper with evidences” if freed on bail at this point.

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Previously, a magistrate’s court had declined to give him release when his police detention expired on January 5.

On December 30, Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Branch detained Saket Gokhale from Delhi in connection with an alleged abuse of money raised through crowdfunding.

He is charged under sections 420 (cheating), 406 (criminal breach of trust), and 467 of the Indian Penal Code (forgery).

The First Information Report was issued in response to a complaint filed by an Ahmedabad resident who claimed to have given $500 to Gokhale via internet donation.

According to the prosecution, the case was about more than 500 people since Gokhale reportedly gathered more than 70 lakh from more than 1,700 people using the crowdfunding portal ‘ourdemocracy’ and utilised that money for personal purposes.

During the bail hearing, Gokhale’s counsel contended that his client was the victim of a political vengeance and was being wrongfully detained by Gujarat Police in one FIR after another.

Saket Gokhale alleged that he was framed up in the case because “he was battling against the establishment”.

Prosecution did not have any proof to prove that he had used the cash in issue for his own reasons, and they were utilised for “social work”, he added.

The prosecution opposed the bail request, claiming that the offence was significant because a “huge amount of 72 lakh” was placed in Gokhale’s account.

The sessions court stated that prima facie there was a case against the accused since “it appears that the cash generated for welfare of the public was utilised by the applicant for his own costs”.

The court also warned in its decision that if the accused is freed on bond, he or she may attempt to influence the inquiry.

Gujarat Police detained the TMC leader three times in December 2022.

On December 6, he was detained by the Cyber Crime Branch for allegedly circulating false information about the expense of PM Modi’s visit to Morbi town following a bridge collapse.

On December 1, Gokhale tweeted a news clipping on information received allegedly through RTI that stated Modi’s visit to Morbi cost 30 crore.

Soon after being granted bail by an Ahmedabad court, the TMC leader was detained again on December 8 by Morbi police for the identical offence. The next day, he was given bail.

(With Inputs From PTI)

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