Trending news: Internet, GPS will not work, there is also a danger of power grid failure! New disaster can come on earth due to explosion on sun

New Delhi. These days a new danger is hovering over the earth. Many powerful explosions on the Sun can have dire consequences for the Earth. The X class solar flare on the Sun means that the explosion on the Sun did not make any significant difference to the Earth. But now the coming geomagnetic storm can affect the earth. And this strong storm can affect the earth today or tomorrow night i.e. till the night of 15th January. Earlier this week, a cloud of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was released from the surface of the Sun due to several moderate solar flares which is moving towards the Earth.

If it hits the earth, its consequences can be dire. However, it has also been told in the report that no CME points towards the Earth. As these clouds come closer, things will become more clear. This is a dangerous thing for the Earth and also because the CME particles carry a huge amount of magnetic energy. And when it collides with the magnetosphere around the Earth, a massive magnetic flux can occur. Due to which nearby satellites can be affected and the equipment present in them can also be damaged. Also, if this affects the central system of a satellite, then it can also become a victim of an accident.

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What can be the harm to the earth
These storms, especially if the G-5 category is strong, can damage GPS, as well as affect mobile networks and internet connectivity, as well as problems like power grid failure. Huh.

Not only this, due to this, electronic equipment can also malfunction. But if it is only of G-1 category then there is not much to worry about.

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