Why Your Business Needs Dark Web Monitoring Tools

Thwarting malicious attacks on the dark web is a vital cybersecurity measure. Learn how ACID helps protect you in this article!

YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — January 14, 2023 — Many different sources constantly threaten businesses, but one potential avenue you may not have considered is the dark web, which comprises almost half of the internet’s web pages. Here’s why you should invest in deep and dark web monitoring services today.

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Acid Tech’s dark web monitoring services scan for malicious attempts to breach your organization and steal your sensitive data, improving your Time to Mitigate (TTM) and reducing the risk of data leaks.

There are many benefits to investing in dark web monitoring technologies, especially as malicious individuals and groups on the dark web are constantly searching for businesses to exploit. The rest of this article will evaluate the risks the dark web poses and how monitoring software can empower and protect your company.

Where Do Dark Web Threats Come from?

As a business owner, you’re likely well aware of the importance of cybersecurity and have invested resources into protecting yourself from active threats. The dark web is a different beast, with malicious entities searching for ways to breach a company’s sensitive data to sell to the highest bidder.

These risks can be highly damaging to a company’s reputation and security, not to mention the bottom line. Dark web threats, when not mitigated, usually result in the following outcomes:

Disruption of system operations

Sensitive data leaks

Operational data leaks

Loss of business

Damage to business reputation

The damage a single breach can cause is incomprehensible, costing the company both monetarily and in social currency.

Hackers may target a business with lax security or victimize a business solely to disrupt operations. In either case, threats from the dark web must be monitored and mitigated if you want your business to sustain an attack from malicious hackers.

What Do Dark Web Monitoring Tools Do?

To avoid the vulnerabilities caused by dark web attacks, prudent business owners should invest in software that can detect ongoing breaches, monitor dark web threats, and alert business owners of dark web risks.

ACID’s AI-driven technology is a powerful tool to recognize and protect a business from these attacks preemptively. In detail, dark web monitoring can protect your business in the following ways:

Data Breach Detection

Threat Monitoring

Threat Anticipation

Data Breach Detection

The first few moments after an attack are the most crucial. Your time to mitigate is the most critical factor in preventing data loss and avoiding compromise of the infrastructure.

ACID’s AI-powered web monitoring tools can detect malicious activity across dark web networks attempting to steal data.

These tools constantly scan the dark web for attacks, giving you crucial moments to mount a defense and implement countermeasures.

Threat Monitoring

In addition to detecting threats as they occur, ACID’s powerful software can give your organization real-time alerts when cybercriminal activity picks up.

Deep and dark web criminals can veil their identity easily by using encrypted browsers, concealing their activity. Thanks to the powerful monitoring services ACID provides, you’ll be alerted when criminal activity is detected, giving you time to protect your organization from a breach.

Threat Anticipation

The most crucial step to protecting your business online is anticipating threats. Thwarting threats before an attack begins is the best way to ensure no harm to your business.

Awareness is the key to prevention, and with ACID’s AI-driven solutions, the dark web is monitored concerning the characteristics of the business, giving users advanced warning of potential threats before it’s too late.

The Bottom Line

The online world is a complex sector with many vulnerabilities for businesses to navigate. The most sensible way to protect your business from unseen threats is through dark web monitoring services.

Protect your employees’ credentials, anticipate threats, and get real-time alerts whenever malicious or high-risk situations occur. Whether there’s a threat to your IP, a third-party, or an ongoing attempt to steal data, ACID’s robust solutions can defend your business and reputation from malicious hackers.

With over a decade of service, ACID has extensive archives on dark web attacks, and their experts can provide actionable steps for your business to mount an effective response.


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