Internet shocked over bombshell Humpty Dumpty twist: ‘This has blown my mind’

We all know the classic nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty – the egg that foolishly sat on a wall, then fell off and needed to be put back together again by all the King’s men and horses.

Humpty is often depicted and widely accepted as being an egg, but it seems we’ve all remembered it wrong.

It’s no “yolk” – Humpty Dumpty is not an egg.

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WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Internet stunned after learning Humpty Dumpty isn’t an egg.

The revelation was put forward on Twitter by British author Holly Bourne, who reminded everyone that the nursery rhyme never actually mentions that Humpty is an egg.

“Who decided Humpty Dumpty was an egg?” she asked.

“Its not in the lyrics, and deciding he’s a giant egg is quite a random leap for someone to make, and everyone else being like, ‘Yeah, a giant egg on a wall. Of course’.”

Humpty is often depicted and widely accepted as being an egg, but it seems we’ve all remembered it wrong. Credit: Andrew_Howe/Getty Images

She followed up, pointing out how odd it was to send the entire army to put together his cracked shell.

“Also, imagine having NO ARMY because they’re busy fixing a broken egg,” she said.

“The king sent literally EVERYONE out to save the giant egg who isn’t actually an egg, leaving the realm wide open for attack.”

Her tweet sent the internet into a flurry, with over 460,000 views and commenters left in shock.

“Holly this has blown my MIND,” one person said.

“Okay ngl (not going to lie) this tweet f***** me up,” another stated. “This is genuinely the first time I’ve realised he’s not explicitly an egg.”

Prompting a response from Bourne: “We all just accepted the fan fiction egg version of Dumpty.”

Another Twitter user added: “This has troubled me for ages! Glad you put it out there.”

The classic nursery rhyme sees an egg fall off a wall – with the King’s men and horses rushing to his aid. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With one person asking a very important question: “Also have you ever seen a horse put an egg back together again?”

But many were quick to explain why he has been remember as an egg.

“It’s supposedly based on a canon at Colchester (my place of birth in Essex) during the civil war,” one user said.

“I love this but…when did the canon become a giant egg?” Bourne responded.

Another suggested that Humpty’s “first appearance” as an egg was in Lewis Carroll’s 1872 novel Through the Looking Glass.

Humpty Dumpty’s origins

Turns out both users were correct.

The original Humpty Dumpty was a cannon used in the English Civil War between 1642-1649, and specifically in the Siege of Colchester in 1648.

The cannon, Humpty Dumpty, came tumbling down when the wall it was sitting on was destroyed by the enemy.

And in 1872, Lewis Carroll first depicted Humpty Dumpty as an easily crackable egg – and his depiction has stuck around ever since.

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