Overall crime in Mumbai rises but detection rate falls, cyber crimes up by 63%

The overall crime graph went up by nine per cent even as the crime detection rate in Mumbai dipped by 14 per cent in 2022 compared to 2021, according to the Crime Report released by the police. Meanwhile, Cyber offences, including online frauds under the pretext of offering jobs, gifts etc and payment of electricity bills, rose by 63.7 per cent to 4,718 in 2022 compared to 2,883 cases in 2021.

The poor detection of cyber crime cases is likely to have pulled down the overall Mumbai crime detection rate in 2022, the report claimed.

The number of cases of thefts increased three-fold to 14,818, compared to 4,534 such cases registered in 2021. Street crimes which include theft, attacks, molestation, robbery, and chain snatching rose by nearly 100 per cent in 2022.

The overall detection of crime dipped by 14 per cent to 68 per cent in 2022 from 82 per cent in 2021. “Overall crime in Mumbai rose by nine per cent in 2022, which is mainly because of prompt registration of street crimes such as theft, assault, chain snatching, robbery, and molestation,” the report said.

The number of serious offences like dacoity, rape, and extortion rose marginally but at the same time, crimes like murder, house-breaking, and riots dipped in 2022.

Meanwhile, the number of registration of cases for crimes against women and children has risen from 5,497 in 2021 to 6,133 in 2022. The 6,133 cases include 1,157 offences registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and 1,155 cases of kidnapping of minor boys and girls.

According to the report, “The number of rape cases in Mumbai rose from 888 in 2021 to 984 in 2022. Offences of molestation also went up from 2,076 in 2021 to 2,347 in 2022. The other cases that showed a rise are dowry-related cases that increased from 785 in 2021 to 868 in 2022.”

As far as detection of cyber crime cases is concerned for the 2019-2022 period, 1,292 cases were solved, including 346 in 2022, out of the 12,261 registered cases, the report said.

Post the COVID pandemic, crimes such as part-time job fraud, cheating in the name of cryptocurrency investment, insurance fraud, sextortion, and electricity bill fraud registered an uptick.

In 2022, a total of 2,170 cheating cases, including frauds like customs, gift, purchase, job, insurance, etc, were registered. Of these cases, 92 crimes were solved. In 2021, 1,154 such cases were registered and 140 detected. Cases like putting up fake social media profiles and morphing emails or SMSes rose to 400 in 2022 compared to 118 in 2021, the report said.

A total of 1,318 cases of credit and debit card fraud were reported in 2022 as against 1,075 in 2021. Other cyber crimes include phishing or spoofing of mail, electricity bill fraud, hacking, pornography, data theft, sextortion, communal posts etc.

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