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aespa Winter in Danger: Shocking Anonymous Threat of Stabb…


As Korea grapples with a disturbing surge in knife attacks and threats, citizens are navigating a climate of heightened vigilance in their day-to-day lives. Over the weekend spanning August 4 to 6, a staggering count of 16 threats emerged across various online communities, each ominously vowing to carry out knife-related assaults.

DC Inside Under Fire: Anonymous Knife Threat Sparks Controversy Over Online Platform's Role

The prevalence of these online warnings and threats has not only raised concerns but has also triggered pointed criticism directed at DC Inside, a prominent online platform. Accused of facilitating an environment conducive to anonymous criminal activity, the platform has come under scrutiny for seemingly enabling the posting of such warnings, regardless of their potential consequences.

The gravity of the situation was underscored by a particular incident on August 4, 2023, when a man wielding a knife attacked a teacher at a high school in Daejeon, prompting swift police response.

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Heightened Alarm Amidst Surge in Knife Threats: aespa's Winter Targeted

In the midst of this tense atmosphere, another alarming threat surfaced on August 7, this time targeting Winter from the popular K-Pop group aespa. The chilling post, which carried the title "I will stab and kill aespa's Winter, who is departing on the 8th," emerged on DC Inside's "Female Celebrities" board.

AESPA Winter

(Photo : Instagram|@ imwinter)
AESPA Winter

Coinciding with this unsettling threat, Aespa members Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning were slated to depart for the United States on August 8 to partake in the highly anticipated music festival, 2023 Outside Lands.


(Photo : Instagram|@aespa_official)

The threat, although subsequently deleted, rapidly proliferated across online platforms, with vigilant netizens ensuring its continued circulation while simultaneously reporting it to the police for investigation.

aespa's Winter Departs Amid Heightened Security Concerns Following Anonymous Knife Threat

Amidst this tense backdrop, Aespa pressed on with their travel plans, embarking for the United States via Incheon Airport on August 8. Winter's departure, in particular, drew significant attention, as her well-being and safety became focal points of concern.

In the wake of these unsettling developments, public outrage reverberated across online communities, condemning the individual responsible for the menacing threat. Calls for the perpetrator's identification and accountability resounded, with certain voices alleging that the individual in question was a notorious figure on DC Inside, infamous for targeting female idol group members with similarly distressing threats.

While the extent of Winter's awareness of the threat remains unconfirmed, her departure to the United States took place without incident, albeit against a backdrop of increased tension and unease.

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