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Best Web Hosting in South Africa


Are you looking for the best web hosting service in South Africa? If you are then we strongly recommend you read this article in full. We have evaluated almost all web hosting providers in the market. On that basis, the most competent and economical web hosting companies which currently provide services in South Africa are included in our article. We have listed the top 5 web hosting service providers with key information like the pros and cons and other factors that make them a favorable choice. Keep reading to learn more.

Currently, if you run any business or provide any service, having a fully-functional website is mandatory. However, finding the right web hosting services has become a challenge. It is possible to encounter slow loading speed and recurring downtime if your service provider lacks the right infrastructure to maintain services. Slow loading brings a bad reputation and steals away your website traffic and SEO rankings. Downtime has the potential to end your business opportunities forever. Moreover, if your hosting provider does not implement the latest security features, there is a good reason for panic regarding your website’s safety.

Having gone through many hosting problems firsthand we find it necessary to guide you on not committing the same mistakes. For that purpose, we did extensive research and have listed certain key features that you should weigh on while opting for a web hosting provider. The features include server upgrade options, pricing package flexibility, security and backup, refund policy, 24/7 customer support, etc. We are pleased to inform you that in our review, we have enlisted 5 of the most reliable hosting companies in SA which score full marks on all these aspects.

The Elite 5: Best Web Hosting In South Africa

As mentioned earlier, some of the major players in the web hosting arena who have a presence worldwide and require no introduction are listed here. In the upcoming sections, we will analyze their major aspects such as features, pros and cons, performance, pricing, etc in an attempt to help you understand what they can offer. Please refer to the list below of the 5 major web hosting service providers.

#1 Hostinger (Best Overall)

Hostinger is a web hosting provider established in 2004 as Hosting Media. The company is headquartered in Lithuania with over 1000 employees. It has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe for four consecutive years by the Financial Times. Today, it has a major presence in the US and Europe and continues to grow in Asia and the rest of the world.

Key Features

  • Increased Response Time: Hostinger claims to have improved response times for websites hosted on their platform.
  • 200 GB of NVMe Storage: Hostinger offers 200 GB of NVMe storage for website data.
  • Daily and Weekly Backups: Website data is protected with daily and weekly backup options.
  • Free SSL Lifetime Protection: Hostinger provides free SSL certificates for lifetime protection of websites.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Hostinger offers unlimited bandwidth for website traffic.
  • 100 Free Email Accounts: Customers can create up to 100 free email accounts with their hosting plans.
  • Free Domain for One Year: A free domain is included for the first year when purchasing a yearly hosting subscription.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Hostinger provides around-the-clock customer support to assist with hosting-related issues.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): Hostinger uses CDN technology to optimize website speed by caching and delivering content from the visitor’s nearest location, resulting in up to 40% faster loading times.
  • Additional Services: Hostinger offers various additional services including free website migration, easy WordPress installation, auto-updates, vulnerability scanners, and more.
  • AI-Based Website Creation: Hostinger provides AI-based services for website creation.
  • Google Analytics and Marketing Integrations: Hostinger offers integration with Google Analytics and marketing tools.
  • Top-Notch Security Features: Hostinger includes enhanced DDoS protection, web application firewall, and malware scanner to enhance website security.

Pros & Cons

In the preceding section, we talked about the host of features that Hostinger provides to its clients. Well, in this section we will focus on its major pros and cons. Please refer to the points mentioned below.


  • Provides free domain for one year
  • Supports retaining 100 email accounts
  • Offers unlimited free SSL certificates
  • Migrates website free of cost
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • No phone support 
  • No extra features for basic plan

Performance & Uptime Overview

Hostinger comes with a reputation for consistent performance than many of its competitors. We had a chance to go through the many customer reviews it has earned and found positive comments acknowledging its fast and stable service. Many of its long-term users seemed satisfied as they report instances of downtime were close to none.


Hostinger comes at affordable prices and discounts. Please refer to the pricing list given below. 

  • Premium plan – $2.99/mo, renewal pay – $6.99/mo 
  • Business plan – $3.99/mo, renewal pay – $8.99/mo
  • Cloud Startup – $9.99/mo, renewal pay – $19.99/mo

Hostinger seems to provide the best value-for-money hosting services in our analysis. We found a dedicated approach on the company’s side to deliver high-performing hosting and retain its position as a trustful service provider. The hosting company provides premium features that users certify as the best for WordPress websites. 

#2 A2 Hosting (Fast & Reliable)

A2 Hosting began its services in 2003 from Ann Arbor, Michigan in the United States. It is currently one of the largest hosting providers rendering services for thousands of people in around 200 countries. Bryan Muthig is the founder and CEO of A2 Hosting.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Websites: A2 Hosting allows users to create an unlimited number of websites on their hosting platform.
  • 20x Faster Turbo: A2 Hosting offers a 20x faster hosting solution, which can lead to better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates for websites.
  • Free Website Migration: A2 Hosting provides free website migration services to help users transfer their existing websites to their hosting platform seamlessly.
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment: A2 Hosting promises a 99.9% uptime commitment for their dedicated servers, ensuring that websites remain accessible to users.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: A2 Hosting offers 24/7 customer support to assist users with their hosting-related queries and issues.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: A2 Hosting provides a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Free SSL Certificates: A2 Hosting includes free SSL certificates to enhance website security and data protection.
  • Round-the-Clock Network Monitoring: The hosting company monitors its network 24/7 to ensure the stability and performance of hosted websites.
  • Dynamic Unmanaged VPS: A2 Hosting offers dynamic unmanaged VPS (Virtual Private Server) options, allowing for customization to meet server requirements.
  • SSH and FTP Access: Users have SSH (Secure Shell) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access for advanced server management.

Pros & Cons

In this section, we will look at the major pros and cons of A2 Hosting. Please refer to the bullet points given below.


  • Up to 20x faster website hosting
  • Support unlimited websites
  • Offers unlimited free SSL certificates
  • Free website migration
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Busy customer support
  • Extra features come with paid

Performance & Uptime Overview

A2 Hosting has acquired the title of a reliable partner with its stable and dependable service offered to the customers. After going through much of the user feedback we get a sense that the company has performed well in safeguarding its client’s interest. It has lived up to its expectations of delivering hassle-free hosting with zero downtime.


A2 Hosting has attractive pricing packages offered at discounts. Please go through the pricing list given below.

  • Shared hosting – $2.99/mo
  • WordPress hosting – $11.99/mo
  • VPS hosting – $39.99/mo
  • Dedicated hosting – $155.99/mo

A2 Hosting offers high-quality services at cheaper rates compared to its competitors. It provides up to 20x faster turbo speed for better conversion rates. A2 Hosting seems to be a viable choice if you want to have a high-performance web hosting service.

#3 Afrihost (Best For Small Businesses)

Afrihost is a South African private Internet Service Provider (ISP) established in 2000 by CEO Gian Visser with two other partners. It has its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and had humble beginnings in the web hosting . Today, it is one of the leading web hosting providers in SA and has received rewards and recognition for its fiber and ADSL services.

Key Features

  • cPanel: Afrihost offers a cPanel 11 web-based dashboard that enables users to manage email, backup, and website statistics easily.
  • FTP Services: Afrihost supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol) services for convenient file management and transfer.
  • Website Data Security: Afrihost emphasizes website data security, which is particularly beneficial for small business enterprises.
  • ClientZone Management Portal: Afrihost provides a ClientZone management portal, simplifying the customization of settings and account management.
  • Free Domain Registration: Afrihost offers free domain registration, making it cost-effective for users, especially small businesses.
  • Unlimited Subdomains: Users can create unlimited subdomains under their hosting account with Afrihost.
  • Automatic Backups: Afrihost provides automatic backup solutions to protect website data and content.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Afrihost offers 24/7 customer support through various channels, including a ticketing system for problem resolution.
  • WhatsApp Support: Afrihost uses platforms such as WhatsApp to provide customer support, offering another convenient communication option for users.

Pros & Cons

In the previous section, we had a glimpse of the key features of the Afrihost web hosting service provider. Here we will discuss its major pros and cons. Please refer to the content below.


  • Comes with an impressive 100% uptime guarantee
  • Offers a free domain and fast loading times
  • Windows and Linux shared hosting plans
  • 24/7 customer support via email, phone, live chat, and WhatsApp
  • 60-day double-money-back guarantee


  • Ideal for only small businesses
  • No free SSL certificates

Performance & Uptime Overview

Afrihost is a localized service provider that has seen sheer growth in the near decades due to its consistent performance in the field. The customers are generally satisfied with their services and largely echo this in their feedback. The user community feels that Afrihost has delivered its promise of rendering a sustainable hosting service with minimal instances of downtime.


Afrihost comes at affordable prices and huge discounts. The pricing list given below will serve the purpose of a better understanding.

  • Windows shared hosting plans – $4.51/mo
  • Linux shared hosting plans – $3.20/mo
  • Cloud hosting plans – $20.24/mo
  • Enterprise cloud hosting plans – $59.42/mo
  • Reseller hosting plans – $33.30/mo

Afrihost is considered the best economical hosting service provider for small business websites in South Africa. It provides all essential features meant to run a website without a glitch and offers 24/7 customer support. Afrihost is the best cheap web hosting service currently available in SA for small enterprises.

#4 Siteground (Best For WordPress Websites)

Siteground started its operations as a web hosting company in early 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It provides shared hosting, enterprise hosting, and domain registration services. Today, Siteground has 11 data centers across eight countries including the US, UK, and Australia. It is an emerging web hosting company with over 600 employees and around 2,800,000 domains worldwide.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Website Hosting: SiteGround offers unlimited website hosting in its GrowBig and GoGeek pricing plans, allowing users to host multiple websites on a single account.
  • Unmetered Traffic: SiteGround offers unmetered traffic, ensuring that websites can handle high volumes of visitors without additional charges.
  • Free SSL: SSL certificates are included for free, enhancing website security and data encryption.
  • Daily Backups: SiteGround provides daily backups to protect website data and content.
  • Free CDN: Users can leverage a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve website performance and loading times.
  • Free Email: SiteGround includes free email hosting along with enhanced security features to safeguard email communications.
  • Out-of-the-Box Caching: SiteGround includes caching solutions to improve website speed and performance.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: SiteGround offers a full money-back guarantee within 30 days of signing up, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Pros & Cons

In the previous section, we discussed the many features of Siteground hosting. In this section, we will talk about the general pros and cons it has for a better understanding. Please refer to the content below.


  • Offers unlimited website hosting
  • Provides various hosting options
  • Provides performance-enhancing tools
  • Free SSL and daily backup offered
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • No dedicated VPS servers
  • Minimal storage offered

Performance & Uptime Overview

Siteground provides superior web hosting services that offer a high uptime guarantee of 99.99% and an enhanced speed of 311 ms. Thanks to its dedicated servers, Siteground offers sustainable performance throughout with zero latency and minimal downtime. The user reviews have positive remarks that give the sense that it enjoys among the client base.


Siteground has offered web hosting plans at cheap rates and huge discounts. The pricing details are given below for your easy reference.

  • Startup hosting plan – $3.99/mo
  • GrowBig hosting plan – $6.69/mo
  • GoGeek hosting plan – $10.69/mo

Siteground is a premiere web hosting service provider that provides added flexibility to manage WordPress websites. It offers a highly secure web hosting experience and sustainable uptime along with additional features.

$5 (Best For High Traffic Websites) is a new web hosting service provider founded in 2020 with the mission to streamline the WordPress platform. It promises to render a unique experience to the customers displaying its cutting-edge technology to help WordPress achieve the most out of it. describes it as a next-generation WordPress hosting service provider that focuses on key areas of data security, customer focus, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Free SSL Support: offers free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support to ensure secure and encrypted data transmission for websites.
  • Malware Protection: The hosting service includes malware protection to safeguard websites from potential threats and attacks.
  • Unlimited Free Migrations: provides unlimited free website migrations, making it easier for users to switch to their hosting platform.
  • Fast and Secure Interface: boasts a simple, fast, and secure interface designed to simplify web hosting tasks.
  • Industry-Leading Customer Support: The company offers industry-leading customer support to assist users with their hosting needs and inquiries.
  • Daily Backups: provides daily backups, enhancing website security and data recovery options.
  • Secure WordPress Hosting: specializes in secure WordPress hosting, catering to WordPress users with optimized performance and security.
  • Enterprise-Level Security Solutions: The hosting service offers enterprise-level security solutions, including real-time malware scanning and removal, to ensure the safety of hosted websites.

Pros & Cons has specific pros and cons that require mention. In this section, we will portray them for a better understanding. Please refer to the points below.


  • Optimized for WordPress
  • Provides advanced security and daily backups
  • Easy-to-use and interactive interface
  • Migrates website free of cost
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • Provides no free domain
  • Limited freebie tools

Performance & Uptime Overview offers sustainable performance with credible uptime for its customers. The users comment that instances of downtime are close to none in their feedback for the hosting service provider. The customers seem satisfied with’s performance and continue to vote for it certifying it as a credible partner.

Pricing offers its hosting services at affordable prices and with added discounts. For ease of reference, the pricing list is given below. Subsequently, you can check out the company’s website to know the latest pricing.

  • Managed hosting plan – $30/mo (Starter)
  • Agency hosting plan – $100/mo (Tier 1)
  • Enterprise hosting plan – $649/mo (Enterprise 1) seems to be the fastest and most premium web hosting service you can get currently in South Africa. It can provide unrelenting support for websites that attract high traffic utilizing its superior infrastructure.

Best Web Hosting In South Africa – Conclusion

In the preceding sections, we have provided details of the five major web hosting service providers that operate in South Africa. We have gone through their major features, pros and cons, and pricing and have gained an overview of them. In the field of web hosting, performance, and uptime is crucial. In this review, we have covered that area specifically and understood the individual performance of each of the service providers in the segment.

Web hosting services are a competitive field and companies have to cater to the ever-growing demands of clients to thrive in this industry. There are obvious questions raised about speed and data security and it becomes mandatory for the service provider to provide sustainable and effective support to the clients in this regard. Another key area is customer support, where service providers have to render quality service so that both parties benefit from it. Almost all service providers we have dealt with in our review focus more on this area as they have understood its implications very well.

In the end, we feel it is driving industry and the service providers mentioned have gained the confidence of the user community as a credible partner in their efforts to drive their businesses. Yet, we recommend Hostinger to be the major player that scores in all the key areas of consistent performance, regular maintenance of uptime, and good customer support. It has a user-friendly hosting panel and interface for ease of use and great plans to choose from. However, if you prefer a web hosting service that can handle high traffic we will suggest going for as they excel in this area.

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