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Beware of Fake Browser Updates

Legitimate Sites Compromised to Spread Windows Backdoor, In a disturbing trend, cybercriminals are exploiting compromised websites to distribute a Windows backdoor dubbed BadSpace, masquerading as fake browser updates. This multi-stage attack chain involves an infected website, a command-and-control (C2) server, and a JScript downloader to deploy the backdoor onto unsuspecting victims’ systems.

According to German cybersecurity company G DATA, the attack begins with a compromised website, including those built on popular platforms like WordPress. The infected site injects code that checks if a user has visited the site before. If it’s their first visit, the code collects device information, IP address, user-agent, and location, and sends it to a hard-coded domain via an HTTP GET request.

The response from the server overlays the website’s contents with a fake Google Chrome update pop-up window, either dropping the malware directly or downloading and executing BadSpace through a JavaScript downloader. Researchers have linked this campaign to SocGholish, a known JavaScript-based downloader malware that spreads through similar means.

BadSpace is a formidable threat that can:

Harvest system information

Execute commands using cmd.exe
Read and write files

Delete scheduled tasks

Take screenshots

The malware also employs anti-sandbox checks and sets up persistence using scheduled tasks to ensure it remains on the system.

This alarming trend is not unique – both eSentire and Sucuri have warned of separate campaigns leveraging fake browser update lures on compromised sites to distribute information stealers and remote access trojans.

Protect Yourself

To stay safe from this type of attack:

Keep your operating system and software up-to-date

Be cautious when clicking on pop-up windows or download links from unfamiliar sources

Use reputable antivirus software and keep it updated

Avoid visiting compromised websites or those with suspicious URLs

Use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication

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