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1:38 pm

Water Curupira Hackers Actively Distributing PikaBot Loader Malware

In recent months, cybersecurity researchers have identified a new threat actor group known as Water Curupira. This group has been actively distributing a dangerous malware called PikaBot Loader, which poses a significant risk to individuals and organizations alike. PikaBot Loader is a sophisticated malware that is primarily used to establish a backdoor on infected systems,[continue...]

7:54 am

Lawsuits Regarding AI Training Practices Rise

[ad_1] Tuesday, September 5, 2023 Although still in their infancy, a growing number of recently-filed lawsuits associated with generative artificial intelligence (AI) training practices, products, and services have provided a meaningful first look into how US courts may address the privacy, consumer safety, and intellectual property protection concerns that have been raised by this new,[continue...]

2:59 pm

Tornado Cash in the Eye of the Storm

[ad_1] Blockchain & Cryptocurrency , Cryptocurrency Fraud , Fraud Management & Cybercrime Also: FBI Issues DPRK Alert; Incidents Affect Exactly, Harbor and Venus Protocols Rashmi Ramesh (rashmiramesh_) • August 24, 2023     Image: Shutterstock Every week, ISMG rounds up cybersecurity incidents in digital assets. This week, two Tornado Cash founders faced charges in a[continue...]

6:51 am

Bitcoin Sportsbook Popularity in South Africa

[ad_1] Sports betting has its origins in South Africa during the early-to-mid 20th century. Prior to the 1970s, the only sanctioned and legal form of sports betting was horse racing and this tradition continues today. However, in the late 1970s, the South African government began to grant bookmakers licenses. This change allowed for the widespread[continue...]

2:20 pm

Why Does the Government Want to Ban TikTok?

[ad_1] Don’t be surprised if, someday soon, TikTok isn’t there anymore. Governments all over the world have banned or restricted it, and the U.S. government wants to. Some of this is complicated, but most is about politicians expressing fake grave concern about a supposed threat to the U.S. and its children, and won’t someone think[continue...]

2:11 pm

Cracking the Crypto Adoption Code

[ad_1] Please note that VanEck may have a position(s) in the digital asset(s) described below. “The defense against the substitution of sovereign currencies is the maintenance of robust, trusted, and credible domestic institutions.” – IMF Blog, July 2023After 6 months of dramatic BTC & ETH outperformance, many so-called “altcoins” rallied in July, especially those that had[continue...]

2:00 pm

Teens Caused Chaos With Low-Complexity Attacks

[ad_1] Cybercrime , Fraud Management & Cybercrime Voice and Text Not Secure Enough for Authentication, Cyber Safety Review Board Says Mathew J. Schwartz (euroinfosec) • August 11, 2023     What does it mean for the state of our collective cybersecurity when "a loosely affiliated hacker group," some of them teenagers, can compromise "dozens of[continue...]

9:57 pm

The Rise of the Alt-Right

[ad_1] The alt-right burst into public consciousness seemingly overnight—a radical, sometimes esoteric political ideology pointing a knife at the heart of American liberal democracy. Harnessing racist and misogynistic energies from deplorable recesses of the internet, the movement thrust itself into national relevance as a force to be reckoned with in the 2016 campaign season. Donald[continue...]

1:43 pm

Cloudflare Announces Q2 2023 DDoS Report

[ad_1] Cloudflare has announced its 2023 Q2 DDoS report. This report includes insights and trends about the DDoS threat landscape as observed across the global Cloudflare network. The DDoS landscape: a look at global patterns The second quarter of 2023 was characterized by thought-out, tailored and persistent waves of DDoS attack campaigns on various fronts,[continue...]

9:35 pm

Gather ammunition against cyberattacks | Nation

[ad_1] Last week proved a trying time for the Kenyan government as hackers unleashed their attack tools on their digital assets. The consequences were severe, with critical services going offline. As a result, millions of Kenyans who depend on these services were inconvenienced and frustrated. The government usually avoids admitting when its services have been[continue...]