Google Chrome Unveils “Quick Delete” Option

Sun 05 Feb 2023 | 08:25 PM

Google Chrome will introduce the “quick delete” feature to its Android app to allow users to clear their browsing history and cache from the last 15 minutes, according to 9to5 Google.

On the desktop version of the browser, Chrome provides gives the following options; last hour/ 24 hours/ 7 days/ 4 weeks, and all time.

With the 15-minute feature, Android users will get more control and convenience over their web history.

The feature, which is currently in development, is expected to be available in the upcoming version of Chrome for Android.

Last year, media reports revealed that Google Chrome will let users take notes directly on the websites they visit.

Platforms such as; Pocket and Evernote allow multi-device sync, and users can even make notes when they save web pages. A source at Google stated that this feature will be offered by default on Chrome and extended beyond notes for saved passwords. 

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Opinion: Biden doesn’t throw away his shot

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In Lord Byron’s satirical epic poem, “Don Juan,” the main character marvels at “the whole earth, of man the wonderful, and of the stars … of air-balloons, and of the many bars to perfect knowledge of the boundless skies — and then he thought of Donna Julia’s eyes.”

The balloon from China floating eastward over the United States last week riveted the nation’s attention for a lot longer.

At first, the enormous balloon, carrying a smaller substructure roughly the length of three city buses, seemed to symbolize America’s wide-open vulnerability to what the Pentagon described as surveillance from a rising power.

But the downing of the balloon off the Carolinas Saturday gave President Joe Biden’s administration a way to unleash its fighter jets without any loss of life.

“I told them to shoot it down,” said Biden, peering at reporters through his Ray-Ban aviators at a Maryland airport. Referring to his national security team, Biden added, “They said to me let’s wait till the safest place to do it.”

The incident led to the abrupt postponement of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip to China and an apologetic statement from Beijing calling it a “civilian airship” that had “deviated far from its planned course.” The US Navy and Coast Guard are taking part in an effort to recover the aircraft. which may yield evidence of its true purpose.

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Some Republicans criticized the President for not shooting it down sooner. China called the downing of the balloon an “obvious overreaction” and said it “reserves the right” to act on “similar situations.”

In May 1937, the golden age of transcontinental passenger airships came to a catastrophic end in roughly 30 seconds after a spark set the hydrogen fuel on the Hindenburg ablaze, killing 36. But balloons for other uses survived, and they remain a tool of surveillance, even in the era of spy satellites.

“The question is whether China carefully considered the consequences of its actions,” wrote David A. Andelman. “Intentional or otherwise, if it was indeed monitoring air flows, their engineers might have suspected these weather phenomena would eventually take these balloons over the United States.”

He pointed out that China has an enormous fleet of satellites which can surveil other nations. “Between 2019 and 2021, China doubled the number of its satellites in orbit from 250 to 499.”

In the Washington Post, Sebastian Mallaby observed, “To understand how a balloon — at once menacing and farcically Zeppelin-retro — might become a defining image of the new cold war, consider how this alleged Chinese spy contraption captures both sides of the present moment. It is provocative enough to cause Secretary of State Antony Blinken to postpone a much-anticipated trip to Beijing. It is clumsy enough to symbolize China’s immense capacity to blunder — a tendency that President Biden’s team has lately exploited, to devastating effect.

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02 Marie Kondo tidying

“It is not hard to tidy up perfectly and completely in one fell swoop,” Marie Kondo wrote in the 2011 book that sold more than 13 million copies worldwide and launched her career as a Netflix star and curator of “joy.”

“In fact, anyone can do it.”

It was an apt sentiment at a time when striving for perfection at home and at work was the norm, despite it being a sometimes soul-crushing aspiration — and one that began to vanish with the arrival of the pandemic in 2020.

So it was understandable that people took notice when Kondo, who gave birth to her third child in 2021, recently said, “My home is messy, but the way I am spending my time is the right way for me at this time at this stage of my life.”

As Holly Thomas wrote, “Her benign comment, while welcomed with relief in some circles, prompted a surprisingly febrile reaction in others. … Kondo’s success was built on tidying, and encouraging us to tidy in turn. Where was her loyalty to tidying? How dare she pivot out of her well-ordered lane after selling us a way to live?”

But that’s the wrong way to look at it, Thomas added. “The discomfort … with Kondo’s personal rebrand demonstrates a rigidity that’s reflected across many areas of life. … On a more sinister level, there can be an implicit sense that once you’ve established a particular trait or activity as inherent to your identity, it is somehow greedy or unfaithful to try your hand at something new.”

Jura Koncius wrote in the Washington Post, “Kondo, 38, has caught up with the rest of us, trying to corral the doom piles on our kitchen counters while on hold with the plumber and trying not to burn dinner. The multitasker seems somewhat humbled by her growing family and her business success, maybe realizing that you can find peace in some matcha even if you drink it in a favorite cracked mug rather than a porcelain cup.”

The new Kondo might welcome a bill in Maryland that would provide tax breaks to companies that switch to four-day work weeks as a pilot project. “We are three years into a pandemic that upended work life (and life-life) as many of us knew it,” wrote Jill Filipovic. “We are living in an era in which out-of-work demands, most especially parenting and other forms of caregiving, are more extreme than ever. And we are living in a country that, unlike other nations, provides meager support as its people strive to balance it all…”

“No wonder so many workers report being fed up and burned out. No wonder so many women, who continue to do the lion’s share of the nation’s parenting, drop out of the workforce.”

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The 2024 presidential campaign is just starting to come into focus. Former President Donald Trump has locked on to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the biggest threat to his campaign for the GOP nomination.

Trump “mercilessly slammed DeSantis again … first at a South Carolina campaign rally and then in remarks to the media,” Dean Obeidallah noted. “On his campaign plane, Trump berated DeSantis as ‘very disloyal’ and accused him of ‘trying to rewrite history’ in recent pronouncements about Covid-19 policy in Florida.”

If DeSantis enters the race, Obeidallah observed, “he’ll need to show the red meat-loving GOP base that he can punch back against Trump.

Yet Trump’s derisive nicknames for DeSantis haven’t stuck, as SE Cupp said. “I know we’re just getting started, but this Trump doesn’t seem to pack the punch that 2016 Trump did. … Maybe he’s lost his touch as he’s faced one political storm after the other.”

Some other potential rivals are queueing up, with Nikki Haley, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, planning to announce her candidacy on February 15 and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo mulling a possible run.

“Haley is a formidable candidate who brings the executive experience from her days as governor as well as the foreign policy experience from her time as ambassador,” wrote Gavin J. Smith, who worked in both the Trump administration and Haley’s executive office in South Carolina. “This experience, paired with her ability to bring people together, her background as a mom and a military spouse, and her track record of fighting the uphill battle of running against old White men — is exactly why she is the right candidate, at the right moment, for Republicans to rally behind as we look to win back the White House in 2024.”

Mike Pompeo has lost 90 pounds on a diet and exercise regimen. He has a new book out that attacks the media and lambastes some of his Trump administration colleagues. “Based on a close reading of his book,” Peter Bergen wrote, “I bet he will take the plunge. Pompeo could be looking to benefit as Trump loses altitude among some Republicans, and at 59, Pompeo is a spring chicken compared with President Joe Biden and Trump, so if it doesn’t work out well this time around, he sets himself up for other runs down the road.”

When Biden sums up the State of the Union Tuesday evening, the camera will reveal one change from last year, reflecting divided party control of Congress: Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy — rather than Nancy Pelosi — will be in the backdrop, alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, as Biden speaks from the House podium.

David Axelrod, who served as a strategist and adviser to former President Barack Obama, has some advice for Biden: “Acknowledge the stress people feel, explain how you’ve tried to help but don’t tell them how great things are. Or worse, how great YOU are. You can’t persuade people of what they don’t feel — and will lose them if you try.”

“Rather than claim his place in history, the President should paint the picture of where we’ve been and, even more important, where we’re going…

Biden met with McCarthy last week, as each staked out their positions on the coming battle over America’s debt limit.

In 2011, Obama and GOP leaders in Congress narrowly averted a default in US debt payments. Republican Lanhee J. Chen pointed out that one of the people “who facilitated the 2011 deal was none other than Joe Biden. Now, many in Washington are trying to predict what might unfold over the next several months as the once-and-future dealmaker approaches yet another debt ceiling crisis — but this time as commander in chief.”

“The current crisis presents an opportunity for moderates in both parties to unite around the need both to raise the debt ceiling but also to put in place lasting changes that will fundamentally improve America’s fiscal trajectory.

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For CNN Politics, Zachary B. Wolf spoke with Robert Hockett, a Cornell University law professor, who argues that the President would have legal grounds to ignore the debt ceiling entirely. Moreover, Hockett disputed the notion that US government debt is on an unsustainable path: “When we measure a national debt, we look at it as a percentage of GDP. It’s much, much lower than the Japanese national debt is, for example, relative to Japanese GDP. And you don’t see anybody worrying about the integrity or the worthiness of the Japanese national debt or whether Japan’s economy can sustain its debt.”

Following Biden’s speech on Tuesday, the new Arkansas governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, will give the GOP response. “The 40-year-old certainly provides a contrast to the 76-year-old former President Donald Trump by virtue of her age and gender,” wrote Julian Zelizer.

But the Trump approach is still in the background, he added. “Sanders represents a new generation of Republicans eager to weaponize the same outrage machine with familiar talking points about the threats of immigration, the so-called radical left’s attacks on education, and an economy in shambles under Biden — while showing that they can govern without the self-defeating chaos and tumult that rocked the nation from 2017 to 2021.”

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The death of a young man after a traffic stop and brutal police beating in Memphis cries out for a response to a national problem, wrote Maya Wiley, CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “Tyre Nichols, who was laid to rest on Wednesday, was killed for driving while Black,” she wrote. “The former Memphis police officers fired for his killing will get an opportunity to defend themselves in court against the criminal charges, as they should. Nichols got no such opportunity…”

“The question we should be asking now is, why are Black people stopped so often for traffic violations? Why are so many across the United States dying at the hands, or tasers or guns of police officers during these stops? And what can be done to change this horrific situation?”

“Here’s one thing we know: Body cameras are not the answer. Body camera footage is not prevention; there was body camera footage of Nichols’ killing. It is evidence, not a prophylactic.”

In the summer of 1966, when the young civil rights leader Stokely Carmichael “climbed onto the back of a truck with generator-powered lights below, he looked as though he had stepped onto a floodlit stage.” Carmichael lamented that after six years of shouting for freedom, “We ain’t got nothing. What we’re going to start saying now is ‘Black Power!’”

Mark Whitaker, who wrote about that moment for CNN Opinion, is the author of a forthcoming book, “Saying It Loud: 1966 – The Year Black Power Challenged the Civil Rights Movement.”

The day after Carmichael spoke, “a short Associated Press story describing the scene was picked up by more than 200 newspapers across America. Overnight, the Black Power Movement was born. … In 1966, the Black Power pioneers established the principle that all Black lives deserve to matter.

Florida’s governor is engaging in a bad faith attack on the College Board’s “proposed Advanced Placement African American Studies course, citing concerns about six topics of study, including the Movement for Black Lives, Black feminism and reparations,” wrote Leslie Kay Jones, assistant professor in the sociology department at Rutgers University. “Gov. Ron DeSantis said the course violates the so-called Stop WOKE Act, which he signed last year, and the state criticized the inclusion in the course of work by a number of scholars, including me.”

“By villainizing CRT (critical race theory) and then representing African American Studies as synonymous with CRT, the DeSantis administration paved the way to convince the public that the accurate teaching of African American Studies as a field of research was a Trojan horse for teaching students ‘to hate.’ … I must ask where ‘hate’ is being stoked in African American Studies? Is it in the factual teaching that enslaved Black people were considered 3/5ths of a human being?”

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Manish Khanduri: ‘Blisters inside my blisters.’ Why we walked the entire length of India

Lev Golinkin: Germany’s quiet betrayal of victims of the Holocaust

Darren Foster: After 15 years of reporting on opioids, I know this to be true

Joyce Davis: How Russia outmaneuvered the US in Africa


Judy Blume

Young adult author Judy Blume is the subject of a new documentary, set to air in April on Amazon Prime. One of her books, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” is the basis for a new film, also aimed for an April release.

“To say Blume is widely loved would be an understatement, as the documentary shows,” wrote Sara Stewart. “It features interviews with some of the author’s more famous adoring fans, including Molly Ringwald, Samantha Bee and Lena Dunham. It also showcases her correspondence with now-adult women who wrote to Blume, initially, as teenagers — and she wrote back, beginning friendships that would last decades.”

“All of these women speak about the ways Blume’s books changed them, made them feel seen and understood in a way that their parents often did not.” At a time when books touching the topics she covers are increasingly being banned in schools, Blume’s voice rings out.

At 84, she “is still fighting the good fight,” wrote Stewart. At the Key West, Florida, bookstore Blume co-founded, “the shelves bear signs proclaiming, ‘We Sell Banned Books.’”

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DevOps Strategies To Reduce Your Cloud Bill

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations worldwide to adopt cost-cutting measures. Despite the ongoing economic turbulence, businesses are exploring innovative strategies to streamline expenses without undermining their core values.

As the pandemic drives a surge in cloud computing and cloud services, cloud resource management has become an increasingly critical issue for enterprises. The adoption of new tools and tactics may seem like the ideal solution, but it can also entail substantial costs.

That’s where cross-cutting comes in, offering a way for businesses to streamline expenses while preserving quality. Companies are now exploring new methods to minimize unnecessary expenses and optimize cloud spend.

But, how can businesses accurately assess their expenditures before they can even begin to regulate and optimize them? The DevOps team is also unaware of how their decisions may impact cloud prices. That’s why the top priority is to develop DevOps solutions that can minimize cloud costs, allowing organizations to make informed, cost-effective decisions.

What exactly does Cloud Cost Optimization mean?

The process of optimizing cloud cost involves a delicate balance between preserving quality and reducing expenses. The goal is to enhance visibility for the DevOps team and developers, allowing them to make informed decisions that can curb wasteful spending and improve overall cloud costs.

But, the cloud is not always a cost-effective solution. Many cloud services bill for resources, even if they are not utilized by the organization, resulting in unused assets and overprovisioning. 

To harness the power of the cloud, businesses must identify these waste sources and redirect their cloud spend to more productive endeavors, like the development of new applications.

Why is Cloud Cost Optimization important?

Maximizing the potential of your business can be achieved by optimizing your cloud expenses. To elevate the value of your enterprise, it’s crucial to invest in cloud resources that offer the highest possible added value. By employing the best cloud cost optimization strategies, you can minimize cloud waste and enjoy the full benefits of cloud computing.

Unfortunately, there are common reasons for skyrocketing cloud costs, such as overprovisioning, unused assets, inefficient data storage, a lack of automation, and missed discounts. To tackle these issues and achieve your business goals, it’s vital to implement a comprehensive cloud strategy.

Such a strategy can help you achieve faster time-to-market and increased innovation speed, essential for staying ahead of the competition. But, managing multiple cloud solutions can be a daunting task, and if not done right, can lead to significant losses.

One such example is reducing cloud expenses, which our DevOps team successfully tackled for one of our clients a few years back. With their expertise and technical know-how, we were able to bring down the client’s infrastructure expenditures from a whopping $8,000 per month to a manageable $2,500. If you want to learn more about this case study and our approach to cloud cost optimization, you can check out our DevOps consultancy services and start saving cloud costs today.

Optimizing cloud expenses is key to boosting the value of your business and achieving your long-term objectives. With the right approach, you can overcome the common challenges and reap the rewards of cloud computing. 

DevOps Strategies To Reduce Your Cloud Bill

As the world of public cloud providers evolves, the quest for cost optimization remains paramount. The DevOps team is tasked with implementing solutions that not only perform well in the cloud environment but also cut costs effectively. Despite the advantages of public clouds, cost savings is still a challenge. However, by adhering to the following principles, you can minimize DevOps expenses:

Automated Scaling 

Dynamic fluctuations in demand can disrupt the smooth operation of your application. To avoid wasting resources and money, automated scaling should be in place to activate additional servers during peak periods and deactivate them during low traffic.

Minimal VM 

Usage Pay-per-use services offered by public clouds can be beneficial, but uncontrolled VM usage can lead to costly overruns. It’s crucial to determine the right time to turn off non-essential VMs, such as the staging environment, to reduce spending.

Cloud Sprawl Control 

Just as DevOps must manage their toolset, they should also regulate cloud consumption to prevent the expenses of cloud sprawl resulting from unmanaged VMs and instances. Establishing a budget-conscious strategy and checks and balances can help limit this cost.

Secure System 

Ensuring that your system is secure at both the employee and user levels is imperative. Any security flaws could leave your system vulnerable to exploitation, leading to costly investments in security and recovery.

Container-based Development 

Containers offer a cost-effective way to host applications, promote teamwork, and simplify software upgrades without disrupting operations. By enabling DevOps to run applications in any programming environment, containers can lower the cost of enterprise resources.


The future is undeniably paved with the innovative advancements of cloud computing and DevOps, but as the costs associated with these technologies continue to escalate, organizations may second-guess their investments, i.e skyrocketed bills may leave businesses questioning if incorporating DevOps or migrating to the cloud was a financial blunder. But, with careful consideration and adherence to cloud cost optimization strategies, companies can steer clear of wasteful spending on unused instances, excessive storage, and excessive data transmission costs. 

With these practices in place, the dream of monetary savings through the utilization of the cloud can be a reality.

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Joblessness drives uptick in cybercrime skills demand


Joblessness drives uptick in cybercrime skills demand


More people are seeking to pursue courses that enhance their hacking skills. FILE PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK

More people are seeking to pursue courses that enhance their hacking skills, lured by huge extortion sums and joblessness, a new report shows dealing a blow to the global cybercrime war.

Worldover, Kaspersky’s Digital Footprint Intelligence (DFI) study on the net job market shows a spike in demand for training in web development, cyberattack, and design.

Those signing up for training are taught how to create malware and phishing pages, compromise corporate infrastructure and hack companies’ web and mobile applications, among other skills that inflict organisations millions of losses.

The trainers earn between Sh161,915 and Sh498,200 per month, signalling how lucrative the net job market has become.

Between January 2020 and June 2022, the Kaspersky DFI team established that more than 155 people were employed long-term to offer training.

Roughly 200,000 employment-related ads were posted on the web during the period analysed.

“Forty-one percent of ads were posted in 2020, with activity peaking in March – possibly because of a pandemic-related income drop experienced by part of the population,” reads the report.

“The highest median salary of Sh489,200 could be found in ads for reverse engineers,” adds the report.

Some of the web job ads included bonuses and commissions from successful projects, such as extorting a ransom from a compromised organisation.

The highest monthly salary quoted in the ads was Sh2.49 million which was awarded to a developer, making them the most in-demand specialists on the web.

They create various internet products like phishing pages which are designed to look like genuine pages run by organisations, but in reality, they harvest users’ information.

Read: Cybercrimes surge by 37pc as usage of Internet increases

Also valued were malware coders whose job description can include the development of Trojans, ransomware, stealers, backdoors, botnets, and other types of malware, along with the creation and modification of attack tools.

Attackers or IT specialists who conduct attacks on networks, web applications, and mobile devices were the second most popular jobs among cybercriminal employers, accounting for 16 percent of the total ads.

Most of the attackers’ jobs on the web are associated with actions that would compromise corporate infrastructure.

The goals of these actions are ransomware infection, data theft, or stealing cash directly from accounts.

Some cybercriminal groups hiring attackers were focused on selling access to compromised systems to other cybercriminals or hacking web and mobile applications.

Fredrick Wahome, the vice-president of Kenya Cybersecurity and Forensics Association, says the increase in the number of people pursuing such professions is both positive and negative.

Unemployment, lack of integrity, shortage of technical skills, and easy access to IT tools are some of the reasons Mr Wahome believes are behind the rise in demand for net skills.

He says the trend is concerning as the web is used for illicit and even illegal purposes such as facilitating buying and selling of illegal drugs, weapons, passwords, and stolen identities, as well as human trafficking.

What should Kenya do to discourage the growth of web jobs?

Mr Wahome says the government must address the unemployment problem as well as the lack of integrity.

“You can’t just sit back and fold your arms. If such people see that they are unable to settle their bills, they will opt to use their skills to get money,” says Mr Wahome.

“If such people see a lucrative deal, they forget their ethics and go for the deal. This is why online attack and hacking has become a norm,” he adds.

To counter the trend in Kenya, Mr Wahome recommends the training of people who can provide defence skills in the online space.

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“Nowadays, tracking cybercriminals’ interests and continuous analysis of their activities is vital for companies that want to proactively respond to cyberattacks and keep their information security at the highest level. The more you know about your adversary – the better you are prepared,” advises Polina Bochkareva, security services analyst at Kaspersky.

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Google Working on Fix For SH1MMER Exploit That Can Unenroll Chromebooks

Neowin reports on “a potentially dangerous exploit capable of completely unenrolling enterprise-managed Chromebooks from their respective organizations” called SH1MMER.

The Register explains where the name came from — and how it works:
A shim is Google-signed software used by hardware service vendors for Chromebook diagnostics and repairs. With a shim that has been processed and patched, managed Chromebooks can be booted from a suitably prepared recovery drive in a way that allows the device setup to be altered via the SH1MMER recovery screen menu….

In a statement provided to The Register, a Google spokesperson said, “We are aware of the issue affecting a number of ChromeOS device RMA shims and are working with our hardware partners to address it.”
“Google added that it will keep the community closely updated when it ships out a fix,” reports SC Magazine, “but did not specify a timetable.”

“What we’re talking about here is jailbreaking a device,” said Mike Hamilton, founder and chief information security office of Critical Insight, and a former CISO for the city of Seattle who consults with many school districts. “For school districts, they probably have to be concerned about a tech-savvy student looking to exercise their skills….”

Hamilton said Google will need to modify the firmware on the Chromebooks. He said they have to get the firmware to check for cryptographic signatures on the rest of the authorization functions, not just the kernel functions — “because that’s where the crack is created to exploit it. I think Google will fix this quickly and schools need to develop a policy on jailbreaking your Chromebook device and some kind of penalty for that to make it real,” said Hamilton. “Schools also have to make sure they can detect when a device goes out of policy. The danger here is if a student does this and there’s no endpoint security and the school doesn’t detect it and lock out the student, then some kind of malware could be introduced. I’m not going to call this a ‘nothingburger,’ but I’d be very surprised if it showed up at any scale.”
Thanks to Slashdot reader segaboy81 for submitting the story.

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Howard Gordon says people are obsessed with crime shows to see the right thing happen

Howard Gordon says people are obsessed with crime shows to see the right thing happen
Howard Gordon says people are obsessed with crime shows to see the right thing happen

Howard Gordon recently discussed his new crime programme Accused and explained why people are so interested in crime shows, according to Fox News.

Howard shared that people want order and to see the right thing happen which is why they like crime shows. He added that Accused is a new take on the crime show genre and he hopes that the audience will like his spin.

Howard said, “People want order … they want to see the right thing happen. There aren’t going to be very many detectives. It’s really from the point of view of the accused, which I think is really the unique twist on this.”

He further added, “What’s familiar, and I think comfortable for the audience, but it’s really kind of a Trojan horse for a much deeper, much more human story is the courtroom and the crime that will eventually unfold, and we don’t learn what that crime is ’til later. Accused is a new take on the traditional crime show, an anthology series in which each week you have someone who’s a new person, new cast, new place.”

Accused airs Tuesdays on FOX.

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aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler Lifetime credit is 50% off

Traveling gets more expensive every year, especially when it’s done abroad. The average American spends roughly $271 a day during an international trip, and that’s not even taking into account flights, lodging, local transportation, and food. Throw in miscellaneous expenses like tickets to tourist spots and cellphone data, and you just might put yourself in the red if you’re not careful with your budget.

If you’re looking to travel abroad in the foreseeable future and want to minimize your expenses as much as you can, a great hack is buying a local sim and opting for something like the aloSIM. It lets you dodge roaming charges and add data whenever you need, and for a limited time, you can score the aloSIM digital SIM card for $25 and get $50 in travel data credit.

Promo image for aloSIM featuring the iPhone UI

aloSIM is a lifetime e-SIM that enables you to stay connected in over 120 countries and regions without putting a massive dent in your pocket. Since it’s a digital SIM, it’s basically mobile data that you can keep topping up whenever you need more. It doesn’t incur roaming charges — or any recurring fees, for that matter — and even better, it never expires.

You also have the option to load data packages on either your phone, tablet, or computer. Simply pick the plan of your choice and activate it once you land. Redeemed credits don’t expire either, so you can use them on your next trip, no matter how far away that may be. 

Data packages cost as little as $4.50 and can already last you from 7 to 30 days. With the $50 data credit you’ll get from this deal, you’re pretty much covered for a whole year. 

This digital SIM card has 4.5 out of 5 stars on the App Store and rave reviews from users. One verified purchaser wrote, “I don’t have a phone plan, so I like being able to get seven-day data packages when I’m going to be somewhere without Wi-Fi. Works great!”

Make traveling less costly and stay affordably connected wherever you are in the world. Score $50 in eSIM data credit by purchasing the aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler for just $25.

Prices subject to change.

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Rodent Climbs on a Man on New York Subway And Here’s How He Reacted

Last Updated: February 05, 2023, 14:34 IST

Representative Image (Photo Credits: Shutterstock)

Representative Image (Photo Credits: Shutterstock)

A man who was relaxing in a metro was disturbed by a rat who mounted on top of him only to scare the viewers watching the viral clip. The man, on the other hand, had the coolest reaction ever.

Finding a rat crawling on us while we are asleep is the creepiest nightmare that we could ever have! However, this got real for a man who was relaxing in a metro when a rodent mounted on top of him only to scare the viewers watching the viral clip. The man, on the other hand, had the coolest reflex to the incident that even made the internet users lose their ‘calm’. Some even called him the true epitome of calmness because why not!

A video shared on Twitter by a user, @Jazzie654, showed a rat appearing out of nowhere on a moving metro. It then climbs a man’s leg who was fast asleep, unaware of his surroundings, on the New York Subway. The rodent, first, sniffed the man’s hands and moved towards his shoulders. The intruder then moves up to his neck when he suddenly wakes up to sense some movement. Having felt something at the back of his neck, the man then found a rat crawling on his body. However, he didn’t retaliate as expected and calmly stood up to remove the rat from his body.

The social media post that read, “I didn’t realize there are rats on NY Subways or any Subway,” made users complain of their presence in many other metros while others were left stunned over the man’s overly-composed nature. “Oh, yea. They’re omnipresent. But this guy – he is the epitome of calm when he realizes. Who wouldn’t scream and jump and lose it in this situation?” commented a user. The second one said, “That’s a much calmer reaction than I expected”

“He was way more chill than I would have been,” wrote another user while the fourth one remarked, “He was surprisingly calm. I would’ve jumped off the train….”. Just imagine, if he were you, what would be the reaction?

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The Future Of The Fantastic Four in The Daily LITG, 5th February 2023

An LITG runaround the previous day on Bleeding Cool, as well as the previous five years, and comic creator birthdays too!

Welcome to the Daily LITG. The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but at Bleeding Cool, you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies, and more. The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here.

What Mister Fantastic Did That Was So Bad, Revealed (Spoilers)

LITG: The ten most popular stories yesterday


  1. What Mister Fantastic Did That Was So Bad, Revealed (FF Spoilers)
  2. Star Trek: Picard Season 3: No Janeway But “Other Voyagers” Teased 
  3. Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Trailer: RTD Believes We Missed Something
  4. Warren Ellis & Bryan Hitch’s Authority Sells Out Thanks To James Gunn 
  5. The Punisher Gets A New Devil Skull Logo For 2022 
  6. Now Tom King & Bilquis Evely Supergirl Sells Out Thanks To James Gunn
  7. The Last of Us: Rare Reacts to Nick Offerman Banjo-Kazooie Confession
  8. Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants #1 Preview: End of the World 
  9. Miracleman By Gaiman And Buckingham: The Silver Age #4 Preview:
  10. Unmasked Darth Vader Vintage Collection Figure Revealed by Hasbro

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LITG one year ago, Cobra Kai and Shazadam

Shazadam Or Not Shazadam? The Daily LITG, 5th February 2020
LITG: DC Comics

Brian Bendis tweeted out that “rumors are dumb” and Jesse Schedeen of IGN decided that was a denial, rather than just a Tom Brevoort-style non-sequitur. Let’s catch up in a month, shall we?

  1. Cobra Kai Star Mary Mouser Surprised by Fans’ Reactions to LaRussos
  2. DC Comics To Rename Black Adam As… SHAZADAM! Not Joking
  3. Marvel To Reprint And Replace Offending Copies Of Immortal Hulk #43
  4. Joe Bennett Apologises Over Immortal Hulk #43 Anti-Semitic Error
  5. Mega Gyarados Arrives In Lunar New Year Event In Pokémon GO
  6. Star Trek: Jeri Ryan Prefers Seven on Picard; Offers Season 2 Update
  7. DC Comics To Now Publish Infinite Frontier #1 In July 2021
  8. TOLDJA: Avengers #42 Reveals Thor’s True Lineage (SPOILERS)
  9. Mike Trout 2011 Topps Update Graded Card Up For Auction
  10. DC Comics Launches Joëlle Jones’ Wonder Girl #1 in May With Yara Flor
  11. Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR #1 Sells Over 615,000 Copies To Comic Stores
  12. DC Comics To Launch Harley Quinn And Batman #1 – With Poison Ivy?
  13. Will Greg Capullo See Nocterra #1 Join Crossover In The 100K Club?
  14. Si Spurrier Tells Reddit Of His Frustrated Plans For DC Comics
  15. Garth Ennis & Steve McManus Join John McCrea For Cartoon Museum Event
  16. What Else Could DC Recycle In Digital First Comic, Let Them Live!
  17. Dead Girl Returns To Marvel Comics This Week
  18. Marvel’s Heroes Reborn Event Gives Us A Not So Amazing Peter Parker
  19. Retailers Only Getting Half Of The Bad Idea ENIAC #1 They Ordered
  20. Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR #1 Has Eight Slots In Advance Reorder Top Ten
  21. Green Lantern Alan Scott, Gay With Two Kids, In DC Infinite Frontier
  22. Jorge Jimenez’ New-Look Scarecrow For Infinite Frontier #0
  23. James Tynion IV Announces New Villain, Miracle Molly, For Batman #106
  24. James Tynion IV Promises Punchline Vs Flatline In Batman Comics
  25. DC Comics Launches Shilo Norman Mister Miracle Series In May
  26. Bad Idea Comics To Launch Not-First-Printing Variants

LITG three years ago – the BBC rejected America

And Tom King confirmed 5G

  1. BBC Rejected Joe Hill, Saying No American Has Written Doctor Who – And If One Did, It Wouldn’t Be Him
  2. Tom King Says That Alfred’s Death Will Set Up The Events Of 5G
  3. The Return of A Young Jonathan Kent to DC Comics… Somewhere?
  4. God Hates Masks – Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw Return To Image Comics With Something Big
  5. Is Mirka Andolfo the Next Todd McFarlane For Image Comics? (UPDATE)
  6. Krakoa’s Dark Side Emerges in X-Men #5 [X-ual Healing 1-29-20]
  7. Funko and Dr. Pepper Team up for Free Lil Sweet Pop Vinyls
  8. “Doctor Who”: Chris Chibnall & Captain Jack “Trojan Horse” Surprises
  9. FOX Animation Comes to Life with Upcoming Loyal Subjects Figure
  10. Renee Montoya Likes ‘Em Thicc in Lois Lane #8 [Preview]

LITG four years ago – the SAS Were Told Not to Reference the Punisher

And Final Fantasy was coming to the Switch.

  1. Nintendo Teases Final Fantasy VII Coming Soon on Nintendo Switch
  2. British SAS Troops Told to Stop Putting Punisher Skulls on Their Helmets
  3. The Mike Wieringo Cover That Wasn’t, But Went Up In Flames – With Mike S. Miller and Cully Hamner
  4. Supernatural’ 300th Episode Marathon: What Was TNT Thinking, Dean?
  5. Bill Morrison, No Longer VP Executive Editor of DC Comics or Editor of MAD Magazine

Comic book industry birthdays.

There may still not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are always getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Val Semeiks, artist on The Demon and Lobo, Wolverine and Batman, c0-creator of Lobo The Duck.
  • Jeremy Love, creator of Fierce and Bayou.
  • Comics journalist Kevin Huxford.
  • David Blake Lucarelli, writer of Tinseltown, Doctor Zomba’s Ghost Show & The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade.
  • Atomic Rex Entertainment co-creator, Gene Selassie.
  • Doug Alexander Gregory, artist on Hellblazer, Genext, Penthouse Comix.
  • Kelly McQuain, Elementals penciller.
  • Mark Bloodworth, artist on Deadworld and Hellraiser.
  • Marty Pahls, author of The Complete Crumb Comics.

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