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Generation Z and the generational paradox of account hoarding


Generation Z’s commitment to environmental causes and championing of best sustainable practice is widely reported. Their behavior is provoked by bearing witness to more of the devastating long-term effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels and extreme weather events and awareness of what this means for the future, Generation Z has genuinely powerful motivators for taking action and advocating for sustainable responsibility to be high on government and business agendas around the world.

Despite this enthusiastic environmental consciousness, Gen Z is not necessarily completely joined up in their approach and for example, finds themselves at the forefront of an unsustainable habit: online account hoarding. According to a recent survey conducted by Veritas Technologies, almost two thirds of Gen Z consumers acknowledge owning multiple dormant online accounts that they no longer use. This spiraling data hoarding habit is resulting in unnecessary data storage in polluting data canters that run on fossil-fuels 24/7. Data canters are responsible for emitting approximately 2% of the world's total carbon emissions, the same level of emissions from the airline industry which has come under great scrutiny from environmental activists.

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