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Google’s Duet AI tools will change how we do virtual meeti…


If you've ever wished meetings could take care of themselves or worried about missing out on vital discussions, Google Meet's latest AI-driven tools might just be the answer. Google recently conducted the Cloud Next conference where the company introduced its latest AI features for enterprise-level tools. The search giant had first introduced Duet AI features earlier this year during the I/O. The tool encapsulates generative AI features for Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more. Now, the company has announced the general availability of the Duet AI for Workspace users. Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced the Duet AI tool "as an intelligent collaborator, one that is always by your side.”

In the latest Cloud Next conference, Google provided Duet AI the ability to take notes during meetings. All you need to do is simply click on "take notes for me.”  The users can then get a summary and action items as meetings unfold. It is an interesting tool even for latecomers. If you are late to a virtual meeting,  Google offers mid-meeting summaries for quick catch-up, and a private chatbot assists in filling in the gaps. Beyond the call, saved summaries in Docs can even include essential video clips. The chatbot can also reply to specific questions about the sessions you’ve missed. 

Duet AI can also help attendees of the meeting focus on what’s important by using their own language. During the Cloud Next conference, Google Cloud presenters showcased how Duet AI can create real time captions in over 300 languages.  

The note-taking feature is scheduled for release in the coming months via Google's Workspace Labs.

Google Cloud’s Duet has another feature that lets AI "attend" meetings on behalf of the participants. By clicking "attend for me" on a meeting invite, Google can auto-generate discussion points visible to all attendees. 

However, the efficacy of these tools hinges on their accuracy—a challenge for AI technology. While Microsoft and Zoom also embrace AI-powered meeting summaries, the reliability of these recaps remains to be seen.

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