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Govt Taps Foreign Companies to Counter Hackers


After being hit with the challenge of large scale back-to-back cyber attacks, the government on Saturday, July 29, received a significant boost, agreeing new partnerships with top global tech giants such as Google and Microsoft. 

In a joint statement with the tech companies, the ICT Ministry announced that part of the agreement included conducting regular drills on key government platforms to improve resilience and seal security loopholes. 

The docket under Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo explained that the private companies will be tasked with protecting critical infrastructure. 

Oracle Technologies, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Huawei Technologies, and Dell Technologies have also been tapped for the role.

Google offices in the US where major operations are run.


Napa Valley

In terms of strategy, the team will also share intel on emerging trends in cybersecurity so as to help the government and private sector players prepare for future attacks.

"Through this collaboration, the private sector will assist the government in closing the cybersecurity skills gap by providing training and expertise to government agencies. 
"We shall undertake joint efforts in promoting cyber awareness and cyber education initiatives that empower individuals and organizations to adopt cyber security best practices, thereby enhancing our collective cyber hygiene as a country," read the statement in part.

Policy frameworks and regulations will also be developed in the new partnership.

"The private sector brings innovation, agility, and specialized knowledge, while the public sector which drives the digital transformation possesses the regulatory authority and broader understanding of national security concerns," the statement read.

Owalo's ministry announced the partnership, days after Kenya encountered cyber attacks from a group operating under the pseudonym "Anonymous Sudan." 

The attacks targeting both government websites and Kenyan companies resulted in downtimes for critical services like eCitizen and Kenya Power tokens.

Among the state agencies targeted included; Kenya Railways, and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), all of which reported disruptions in their key websites and communications infrastructure. 

A silhouette of a hacker using a computer on March 13, 2018.



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