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Gujarat police clarify on fake news of Rs 1400 crore scam …


Two days ago, certain media reports alleged that a Chinese man had defrauded 1200 individuals in Gujarat, amassing Rs 1400 crore through deceitful means. In response, the Gujarat Police issued a formal statement aimed at providing clarifications on the matter. The police authorities clarified that the actual extent of the scam doesn’t amount to Rs 1400 crore, but rather stands at Rs 3 crore, and they are actively pursuing the case.

Regarding the purported involvement of the Chinese individual, the police refuted these claims, stating that no such person has set foot in Gujarat, categorising the news as unsubstantiated and that the actual scam took place through a fantasy gaming app.

The Gujarat Police has categorically dismissed the claims about a Chinese individual arriving in Banaskantha and orchestrating a fraud amounting to Rs 1400 crore, deeming them without merit. As the investigation into the incident unfolded, law enforcement established that 1175 individuals fell victim to the scheme, resulting in a collective loss of Rs 3 crore 54 lakhs 64 thousand and 828. In response, the State Cyber Crime and CID took action by freezing a total of 620 bank accounts associated with the case.

Official statement of the Gujarat police. Image Source: OpIndia Gujarati

Chinese person did not come to Gujarat, but he came to Delhi and returned from there in 2019: Police

Contrary to reports, there is no substantiated evidence to support claims that a Chinese individual by the name of Wu Chuanbo was present in India between 2020 and 2022, including a stay in Patan during which he allegedly engaged with local residents and enticed them with monetary offers. The police have officially clarified that such an individual of Chinese origin has never visited Gujarat. The individual in question, whose name is Wu Chuanbo alias Chamber, hails from the Shenzhen province of China.

His documented whereabouts indicate a period of residence in Delhi from 2017 to 2019, after which he returned to China in 2019 and has not revisited India since. The reported scam transpired from December 2021 to June 2022, during which Wu Chuanbo was not within Indian territory. It is noteworthy that Interpol has initiated Red Corner Notice proceedings against him as per police updates.

Prove the allegations showing police involvement or be prepared for legal action

The police have cautioned individuals who, via social media, are commenting on the crime without ensuring the accuracy of their claims and insinuating police involvement. The police have emphasised that those making such statements must substantiate their allegations or be prepared to face legal consequences.

Additionally, the police clarified that a football fantasy gaming app named Dani Data enticed individuals by promising to refund their invested funds along with a 0.75 per cent profit, all based on wagering on a 3:3 football match outcome. However, the app was subsequently removed from the Google Play Store, failing to fulfil its promise of returning the invested funds. A case pertaining to this incident was formally lodged at the Palanpur cyber crime police station in June 2022. Subsequently, upon discovering that numerous others had also fallen prey to the scheme, the investigation was transferred to the CID for further inquiry.

The report claimed that the Chinese citizen created the app in collaboration with the locals.

On August 17, 2023, the Times of India published a report asserting that a Chinese national had purportedly arrived in Gujarat, orchestrating collusion with certain individuals to defraud around 1200 people and execute a fraudulent scheme amounting to Rs 1400 crore. Allegedly, he introduced an application in May 2022, engaging in investments alongside local residents. The report contended that the accused Chinese individual managed to siphon off Rs 200 crore within just two days. Consequently, after an operational span of 9 days, the application abruptly ceased functioning, subsequently revealing the deception to the victims. The report further detailed the apprehension of nine individuals in connection with the case, who are alleged to have aided the Chinese national in his actions.

Congress, left-wing journalists questioned the police

Following the emergence of this news, several other media outlets carried the story, while simultaneously, the Congress party initiated its propaganda. In a recent press conference, Congress leader Pawan Khera pointed fingers at the Gujarat Police concerning this particular case. In addition to this, he directed his criticism towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well. The Gujarat Congress shared the video clip along with the caption, “There has been ‘Chinese intrusion’ in Gujarat. A Chinese national in Gujarat squandered Rs 1400 crore in 9 days and disappeared. This is the incident of the time when PM Modi used to visit Gujarat frequently for election campaigns. After all, what was the police doing at that time?”

Propaganda was also spread on social media. ‘Journalist’ Ravish Kumar tried to take a dig by posting a tweet. Referring to the ‘Godi Media’ and the IT cell – which he keeps making a hue and cry about – he said, “Now tell me Godi media and IT cell were engaged in blowing smoke, whereas the Chinese citizen went to Gujarat, it was not even known. Made an app there, didn’t even know. 1400 crores cheated and went away, didn’t even know. When China came within the border, it did not even mention its name. Did not realize. China enters the border, cheated 1400 crores by entering Gujarat? What is this happening?”

However, the Gujarat Police have now come up with a clarification on this case and denied the reports.

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