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Lil Tay’s Mom’s Lawyers Address Custody Battle After Death…


Lil Tay‘s death hoax has been a convoluted mystery to say the least, and new details have emerged about its aftermath.

In statement released to the 14-year-old’s Instagram account, lawyers for Tay’s mother Angela Tian announced a victory in court that would give legal custody back over to her mom from her father. Tay’s father reportedly would not allow her to continue her rap career – hence her disappearance from the internet following her viral fame – but it appears that could change soon.

“We have been asked to clarify media confusion as to the current state of the family law proceedings, including custody, child parenting and child support,” the statement reads. “Given privacy concerns related to the children, we provide a brief status update on the results in the British Columbia Supreme Court. MacLean Law successfully obtained orders for or client that have enabled her daughter to advance her career, including orders for:

1. Retroactive child support owed by the father since 2014, amounting to approximately $275,000;
2. Ongoing monthly child support from the father, plus additional expenses;
3. Sole day-to-day and final decision-making powers and responsibilities in the best interest of Tay Tian for Ms. Tian;
4. Ms. Tian is the person entitled to sign contracts;
5. Tay Tian’s primary residence being with her mother, Ms. Tian; and
6. Entitlement to relocate outside of Vancouver for Ms. Tian and Tay Tian.”

Given that Tay’s Instagram account had previously been compromised, Rolling Stone confirmed via email with MacLean Law that they do in fact represent Lil Tay’s mother and that the post itself is accurate.

You can view the post below:

Lil Tay’s supposed death was first reported on Instagram on August 9 in a statement that has since been deleted. The following day, the rapper (real name Tay Tian) made a statement denying that she’d died and claiming that her account had been hacked.

In a statement to TMZ on August 12, Meta, the parent company of both Facebook and Instagram confirmed that it had to help the 14-year-old restore her account from a hacker.

Lil Tay's Ex-Manager Suggests Her Brother Was Behind Death Hoax

Lil Tay's Ex-Manager Suggests Her Brother Was Behind Death Hoax

While Meta didn’t confirm any additional details about the hacker — such as their location, or whether other accounts had been compromised by the attack — they did confirm that the account was back in Lil Tay’s possession.

Speculation ran wild about what possibly could have happened to Lil Tay while news of her supposed death was still fresh, with fans speculating that she’d perished from everything ranging from a car accident to a drug overdose.

What’s more, initial reports suggested that Tay’s brother had also perished under mysterious circumstances.

However, when TMZ contacted the Vancouver police to investigate the matter further, the authorities informed the outlet that they hadn’t even been aware that a death had taken place.

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