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LogicMonitor Hack: Customers Alarmed at Recent ‘Security I…


LogicMonitor's spokesperson said that the company was recently hit by a surprise hack. 

According to the cloud-based monitoring platform, the vulnerable customers who have their accounts exposed have default passwords.

Default Passwords Led to LogicMonitor Hack

LogicMonitor Hack: Customers Alarmed at Recent 'Security Incident' Due to Weak, Default Passwords

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LogicMonitor has informed the customers that some of their accounts have been hacked due to default passwords.

Security experts frequently remind users to regularly change their passwords with strong characters. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters plus numbers and symbols is not guaranteed to secure your account yet this will lower the chances of getting hacked.

In the latest report by TechCrunch, LogicMonitor says that there's a "security incident" that has affected some customers.

Based on the findings, the accounts of the users have default and weak passwords. 

At the time, LogicMonitor's spokesperson Jesica Church said that the company is now taking action to resolve the issue and mitigate the damage that it might cause to the individuals.

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Is LogicMonitor the One to Blame Behind the Attack?

An anonymous person who chose not to be named for privacy reasons told TechCrunch that LogicMonitor used to assign default passwords to all user accounts.

According to the source who is familiar with the issue, the company also did not require the changes until the recent week.

Additionally, the source says that it will take 30 days for the setup password to be changed. If you want to immediately tweak the password, it must be done on the first login.

One customer received an email from LogicMonitor which reads "LogicMonitor had reached out to us proactively with a possible username/password breach for a few of their customers via a call, which could lead to systems that are being monitored by LogicMonitor to be compromised with a ransomware attack and henceforth this proactive reach out."

When asked about the incident that hit LogicMonitor, the spokesperson said that no extra information can be shared with the public at this point.

With the exploitation of weak passwords, the ransomware attack has breached over 400 systems, according to the source.

LogicMonitor AWS Expansion

Back in July, Yahoo reported that LogicMonitor has expanded its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

According to LogicMonitor's GM Cloud and Logs John Kim, more customers are using LogicMonitor for AWS monitoring. He acknowledged that the partnership will expand more relationships to help more customers in need.

In other cybersecurity-related news, Tech Times reported that more mobile apps are getting flagged as "fake." These malware-ridden apps can potentially compromise the user's data and worst, they can steal them with no traces.

While there are still fake apps on the PlayStore, Google said that it already took action to combat the problem.

If you're unsure that what you have downloaded is a data-stealing app, you can verify its legitimacy by going to the official website of the developer. If it appears to be shady, then it's time to remove the app from your smartphone.

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