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Oracle Introduces New Compute Cloud@Customer


IT buyers like the operational flexibility that the public cloud provides. Capital expenditures go away. OpEx becomes predictable. Resources are available on-demand, with near-endless scalability. There's a lot to like, but the off-site nature of the public cloud often complicates an enterprise's ability to fully leverage that flexibility.

Despite all its benefits, the public cloud still can’t compete with traditional on-prem IT when it comes to matters like performance, security, and data governance. Nearly every enterprise has data that simply can’t leave the building and latency-sensitive applications. Splitting infrastructure to run across cloud boundaries in an attempt to have the best of both worlds introduces costs and complexity that can stall a digital transformation effort.

Bringing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure On-Prem

Oracle understands how to navigate through the complexity of a multi-cloud world. The company, after all, has spent decades managing the most critical data for nearly every enterprise in the Fortune 1000. By almost any metric, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the fastest-growing cloud service in the world.

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