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Technology sector’s hidden issue: a landfill of data


Worldwide data generation has grown exponentially. By 2025 the global “datasphere” is estimated to reach a staggering 180 zettabytes. With this amount of data comes a bigger responsibility of managing it. If companies don’t manage their data well, there may be financial, environmental and security impacts.

Data transmission and storage requires energy to power data centres and this is often generated from non-renewable sources. With the advent of AI, requiring even larger volumes of easily accessible data, the amount of energy required to store and manage this data will increase, and this all comes at an environmental cost. There is concern around the growing carbon emissions from data centres, particularly against a backdrop of rising energy costs, as well as the environmental impact. Storing and managing data costs in various ways, and new findings from NetApp’s Data Waste Index released in April revealed that a lack of data management accountability in the UK means that 41% of data is being stored for no reason.

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