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The Ashley Madison Affair: Disney+ doco delves into the ri…


The Ashley Madison Affair

Because I am not a cheating spouse, I did not know what Ashley Madison was until I sat down to watch this documentary – and pretty much immediately, I hated it.

For the uninitiated, Ashley Madison was a dating website launched in the early days of the internet, when no one had any problem handing over their data, or even knew what data was.

Ashley Madison wasn’t just any type of data website – it was specifically for people who wanted to cheat on their man or wife.

Canadian online dating and social networking service Ashley Madison first launched in 2002.


Canadian online dating and social networking service Ashley Madison first launched in 2002.

Noel Biderman was the founder – and later CEO – of Ashley Madison and tried to push a message that people were not meant to be monogamous, while also admitting he’d never cheat on his wife.

However, his multi-million dollar website went up in flames in 2015 when a hacker exposed the identity of every single person who had an account, as well as home addresses, credit card details and sexual fantasies.

The three-part documentary on Disney+ portrays Biderman’s epic downfall, in a maddeningly immoral series on a white man who is still probably quite wealthy.

If you’re into a scandal, this story could entice you – as long as you can deal with the unnecessary amount of B-roll.


Secret Chef is now available to stream on Disney+

Secret Chef

It’s all in the name. In Secret Chef, everything is secret, from the cooking, to the tasting, to the final judgement.

In this competition show, 10 contestants – whose cooking abilities range from professional to none – gather in an underground kitchen/bunker to prepare food in a series of challenges assigned to them by an animated hat.

The final test is allowing their fellow blind chefs-turned-judges to taste each other’s food, with the lowest scorer being sent packing.

The anonymous chefs know absolutely nothing about the others in the room, including the person they are paired with.

As well as preparing secret dishes, the team tries to figure out exactly who each other are – and try to use this information to get the upper-hand on the other contestants.

You may think every food-related competition show has been done to death. Secret Chef completely shakes up the genre, presenting the viewer with a brand-new, fun, delicious concept.


Saturdays is now available to stream on Disney+.


For Paris and her two best friends, Saturdays are not just a day, but a place where everyone comes together – and that place is a roller-skating rink.

This show is the kind of cute, slightly cringe show you might have found on Disney Channel in the heyday of Hannah Montana, following the classic tradition of 13-year-olds getting up to trouble, when they definitely should still be supervised.

In Saturdays, this trouble occurs at the roller-skating rink, where Paris has been competitively skating since the age of four.

Paris, Simone and Ari have formed the We-B-Girlz skate group – and the girls are on a mission to become famous in their city of Chicago.

Although everything may seem right with the world inside the neon-decorated skating rink, that’s not exactly the case.

Paris has sickle cell disease, which puts a few snags in her big plan for roller-skating domination – but she’s determined to prove everyone wrong.


A Place to Fight For is now available to stream on Disney+.

A Place to Fight For

This French film tells the story of Greg (François Civil), an undercover policeman with the Internal Security agency.

Greg has been sent on a mission to infiltrate a movement at a Zone to Defend (ZAD), which is a French phrase used to refer to a militant occupation that is intended to physically blockade a development project.

Greg is tasked with collecting information on the eco-activists at the ZAD, who are fighting to save a forest from the building of a dam.

During his assignment, Greg meets and falls in love with eco-activist Myriam (Lyna Khoudri) – and the pair form an intense relationship. However, when he returns more than a year later, he is shocked to find that she has a baby.

This film was not anything like I’d experienced before, with the audience learning about ZADs, while also realising that there is no need to have a clear line between the “good” and the “bad” guys.

It was important to the film’s director and screenwriter, Romain Cogitore, to portray life on a ZAD correctly. He even lived at a ZAD amongst eco-activists to try and make the film more credible.

If you’re a sucker for a passionate love story, but are also interested in the environment, this film is for you.

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