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The strangest Google reviews of places in the Augsburg are…


With a quick registration Google users can evaluate thousands of places in the Augsburg region. This sometimes leads to ridiculous reviews.

It’s been in for years Gersthoven We discussed what could happen to the barely used space downtown. “The Hole” in its current state is much more popular than its reputation. or? It serves as a tourist attraction in the reviews posted on Google, the Internet search engine that, according to estimates, answers more queries every day than the number of people in the world and which turns 25 this Monday. Who doesn’t pull out their phone and look at the reviews before deciding on a restaurant for dinner? There are also reviews far from the culinary field. “Gersthofer Loch” is tagged on Google as a local history museum. It gets five stars out of five. Locals are also likely to rub their eyes in amazement when hearing reviews of other places in the Augsburg area.

Critical readers of Gersthofer Loch’s reviews may recognize sarcasm, even sarcasm. One read: “Really, a very nice hole in a class of its own! Totally recommended!” Another Google user is no less enthusiastic: “Big, deep hole.” It is recommended to make reservations before visiting.

Google user misses the magicians in Schwabmünchen

Reviewing a Schwabmunchen attraction shouldn’t be taken lightly either. One Google user writes about the witches’ towers: “There are no witches there…they would rather not give stars.” And he gives one. At least its judgment is balanced by two five-star reviews from other reviewers.

The texts on the listening system become more creative GablingenThe huge antenna network is 30 meters high and 300 meters in diameter. for “Antenna Wullenwever AN/FLR-9 des BND in Gablingen“One user writes Google: ““Two men dressed in black forced me into their black SUV and dragged me to this roundabout.” He has lost his memory ever since and does not know how he got home. “Oh, yeah, and they also gave me my stolen cell phone.” The fact that no one knows exactly what is being intercepted by the “elephant cage” also gives other Internet search engine users reason for speculation. Or for jokes, such as: “Best listening system! Beautifully integrated into the landscape. Two stars removed, unfortunately the beer fountain in the middle is not accessible.”

For many years, Google reviews have provided a sometimes more reliable and sometimes less reliable taste of what restaurants or attractions have to offer. As long as it provides people with a platform on which they can show their sense of humor (or what they think it is) or vent their frustration. Anyone logged into Google can award stars there.

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