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There is no privacy, protect your information


If you are one of the people who do not have a smart phone or use a computer, you can skip this one. Otherwise, stay tuned.

You have no privacy.

At least that is the assumption you should make. In this 10th installment of my whacking-you-with-a-fish series, I’m trying to point out that you need to do two things to protect your privacy in the Information Age: 1) Assume your private information is no longer private and take steps to mitigate the damage it could cause, and 2) Do everything you can to keep #1 from being true.

I’ve been told by many that there is no way they would do anything that would put their privacy in jeopardy, and that may be true. However, you likely have a credit bureau report, and in 2017, hackers stole 145.5 million individual records from a major credit bureau. In total, billions of individual data records have become public knowledge through data breaches over the last decade. Whether you know it or not, you have been hacked, and your privacy is at risk.

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