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Was Paul Staehle Going Missing a Hoax? What We Know, What …


Murmurs are growing that reality TV star Paul Staehle may have played a prank on his fans after fears he had disappeared in Brazil.

Staehle starred on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days with his now estranged wife Karine Staehle in 2017.

On Thursday, Karine posted to her Instagram stories that Staehle had gone missing in her native Brazil and asked fans to send their prayers.

Staehle had reportedly been in the country for a year so he could make more money to pay legal fees in order to win back custody of their sons, Pierre, four, and Ethan, two. Child Protective Services had removed the kids from the parents' custody in June 2022 after a video emerged of the pair involved in altercation at home in front of their children.

90 Day Fiance' Star Paul Staehle Deletes Photo of New Baby Boy
Karine and Paul Staehle are reality TV stars from the show '90 Day Fiance'. Some fans are beginning to suspect the pair pulled a hoax about his disappearance. TLC

"Paul is in Brazil to make money. He said that he could earn a lot more there than here as he has an ongoing custody case with his kids," celebrity blogger John Yates told Newsweek on Friday.

Yates, who is a close friend of the Staehles, became involved in the search for Staehle and assisted his mother, Edna Staehle, to contact the U.S. Embassy in Brazil after she received a series of messages from her son saying he was in trouble and stranded in a remote part of the country.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Staehle reemerged on Saturday, leaving a voicemail for Yates, who shared it with his followers. But Yates started getting suspicious of the story when Staehle finally made his return to social media.

The 40-year-old took to his Instagram stories to tell his followers that he was not in a relationship with a young woman named Issa, who had been helping the family in their search for him.

Yates could not believe Staehle's comeback post was not about updating fans on his whereabouts or thanking the thousands of people for their support over the previous days.

"Does that sound like someone who was grateful to be alive, that all these people put so much work into finding him?" Yates questioned in YouTube livestream on Tuesday evening.

Many people on Yates' YouTube and social media updates about Staehle commented that it seemed Staehle was allegedly faking his disappearance, but Yates stood by his friend until yesterday.

"I cannot tell anybody with 100 percent certainty this was a hoax or staged, no one ever admitted to... still I hope to God it isn't. But if I'm being objective when it comes to Paul and Karine, who have a history of pulling stunts, I have to look at every angle," he began on the livestream.

"Let me break down how I deduced certain things."

Yates went on to point out that once Staehle had resurfaced, Karine began posting on her Instagram messages such as "Paul has showed up... I had nothing to do with his," and "I am not responsible."

"Let's dissect this for a second," Yates started and questioned what Karine could have meant as she distanced herself from her husband.

Yates also began to question Staehle's account of things after learning the couple had an important court date on Wednesday, September 6, regarding the custody of their children.

He said it "rang warning bells" about the validity of Karine's claims that her husband had gone missing. The blogger also pointed to a selfie Staehle shared from the remote island in the Amazon where he was supposedly stranded. Yates claimed the reality TV star looked well-rested and happy for someone who was supposed to be in critical danger a few days earlier.

Newsweek contacted Staehle by social media for comment. We also contacted Yates and the U.S. Embassy in Brazil by email.

Staehle's alleged disappearance came just a few days after Bachelorette contestant Josh Seiter, who is also Karine's former flame, was at the center of a fake death announcement.

Seiter appeared on the reality dating show in 2015 and told fans his Instagram account was hacked after they saw a post that said he had died.

"Somebody was playing a cruel joke and mocking my mental illness and the struggles I have gone through with depression and suicide attempts," he said on Instagram.

"I am sorry for all the pain they caused when they made that post. I just got back into my account. I am going to do all I can with my team to try and identify who was behind this.

"But again I apologise for the confusion and I will update you guys as more facts come in."

Karine and Seiter dated briefly in November 2022 before calling it quits in December that year. She reconciled with Staehle in April this year but the couple split up again.

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